Ms Deborah Zhang

Year 7 to 10 English | Accelerated Programs for Year 5 to 6
“My belief is that every student can excel at English, and that they just need the right approach, frameworks and support to get there”‍
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Hi Parents & Students,

My name is Deb and I’m an experienced secondary trained and high school teacher at Ringwood Secondary College who has taught across Year 7 to 12 English.

I'm super passionate about teaching and I love helping students build their confidence and skills in English, preparing them for later high school and beyond.

I take a hands-on, nurturing and energetic approach to interacting and tailoring learning around students. I focus on building the fundamentals and the right foundation to ensure they excel at the subject.

I'd love to explore if I could help your child out with their learning needs. I currently run:

- Engaging and fun English classes across years 7-10 of different ability levels and focus areas to address all your learning needs
- Accelerated English programs for late primary students (year 5 to 6) to prepare for High School English and get a strong headstart

To set-up a chat and consultation to see if I have the right program to support your child please fill out the contact form and get in touch today.

You can learn more about me and my services with the additional information below, including a deep dive into how my program works and testimonials from parents & students.

Look forward to hearing from you!

About me

  1. 🎓 Secondary trained and qualified teacher
  2. 🏫 High school English teacher at Ringwood Secondary College
  3. 👩‍🏫 Taught 100+ students across all year levels of high school English
  4. 📖 Experienced private tutor for over 6 years from year 7 all the way to VCE
  5. 😄 Fun & energetic approach with 5 star ratings from all my students this year!

About my classes and programs


1. Face to Face Year 7 - 10 English Classes

  • Location - Classes run out of Ringwood the Realm & Doncaster Library
  • Price of classes - $30 an hour
  • Session Length - 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the group & year level & area of focus
  • Students are specially grouped into programs of 6-8 students maximum

2. Face to Face Accelerated English Classes for Late Primary Students (Year 5 to 6)

  • Location - Classes run out of Ringwood the Realm & Doncaster Library
  • Price of classes - $30 an hour
  • Session Length - 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the group & year level & area of focus

3. Face to Face or Online 1 on 1 Support

  • Please enquire via the contact form and please note only for special circumstances


  1. 📚 Engaging and Fun English Classes: Offered for years 7-10 and extension primary, ensuring students excel and build confidence for school.
  2. 🎯 Curriculum-Designed: Tailored to help students catch up and build strong communication skills to aid them in the classroom.
  3. 🌟 High-Quality Resources: Access to top-notch frameworks, resources, and approaches.
  4. 😄 Fun & Personalised Experience: Classes are enjoyable, interactive, and adapted to individual needs.
  5. 🤝 Small & Ability-Based Groups: Ensuring lessons are personal, promoting discussions, and challenging peer-learning. Max 6-8 students.
  6. 🗣️ Oral & Discussion Skills Development: Preparing students to thrive in the classroom and discussions with their peers.
  7. 🎉 Engaging & Interactive Sessions: Utilising a gradual release approach for confident learning.
  8. 🔄 Balanced Learning: Mix of theory, practice, discussions, and individual work, all while having fun.
  9. 📈 Goal-Oriented: Addressing students' needs and using formative assessments to track progress.
  10. 🚀 1-on-1 Formats Available: For special circumstances, after a recommended free trial session.


I currently offer small engaging and fun classes for English across years 7 - 10 and Accelerated Programs for late primary students.

These are curriculum designed classes that focus on not only helping students catch up and excel in the subject, but also to build the right confidence and communication skills to thrive back in the English classroom at school.

My approach to teaching focuses on ensuring that students are given access to the highest quality resources, frameworks and approaches to the subject, whilst having a fun, engaging and personalised experience.

Classes are kept small and ability based so that lessons can still be personalised, whilst inviting discussion and challenging students to have fun learning alongside their peers. This allows them to develop their oral and discussion skills, which they need to master to thrive in the classroom, especially in a subject like English.

I ensure that all my sessions are engaging and interactive, and I focus on using a gradual release approach to ensure students feel confident and empowered to take on different frameworks and approaches to learning.

My classes are a well-rounded mix of theory, hands-on practice, discussion and individual work, to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the subject, whilst having a bit of fun!

The goal of my classes is to help students address their learning needs and achieve the outcomes they want, and I use formative assessments to ensure progress can be accurately measured.

My extension classes in particular are designed to help students prepare for high school English. My extensive experience with teaching all year levels of high school English helps me identify and manage the transition from primary to high school learning.

I do also offer 1 on 1 formats for certain situations, but would strongly encourage that you do a free trial session first, so I can work with you to figure out what format would be best for you!

I’d love for your student to come try my class! I’m confident they’ll enjoy the lesson and I’m confident I can help them achieve the learning outcomes they need.



Deb has been an exceptional writing tutor for my 12yo son , Joshua. From day one, she managed to foster a sense of confidence in him that I hadn’t seen before. He used to struggle with writing speed , but Deb’s guidance helped him complete an informative essay effortlessly. Joshua even look forward to his homework assignment. We are extremely pleased with the progress he’s made. Thank you so much Deb!!!”‍ - K, Year 7 parent

"Deb is a wonderful teacher. Her keen insights and ability to cater for my year 10 daughter’s learning needs, has helped her engagement with the subject immensely. Since attending her classes my daughter’s enthusiasm for her writing & reading has increased greatly. We’ve even started to see it reflect in her grades at school after just after a few months. We couldn’t recommend Deb more!”‍ - P, Year 10 parent

We’ve been very impressed by Deb’s approach to teaching our son English. Her ability to engage our child even after a long day of school has helped a lot in his improving his learning. He looks forward to the lessons and engaging with other students his age in discussion. It’s helped his confidence immensely. We look forward to term 4 with Deb’s continued support.”‍ - J, Year 8 parent


Miss Zhang was an amazing teacher that cared for our learning and went above and beyond to spend time with each of us.”‍ - Yr 10 student

Miss Zhang is patient when we don’t understand the content and puts in 100% to make her lessons engaging. ”‍ - Yr 10 student

Miss Zhang always takes time to go through things step by step, and provides lots of examples when we need them!”‍ - Yr 9 student

Miss Zhang is always enthusiastic and encouragement towards me and my learning. It's just fun and better than any tutoring I've done in the past!” - Yr 7 student

We’ll set you up with a free trial on us. We’re that confident you’ll love my classes!
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