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How it works

Here's our process to working with you to get the personalised help you need

Step 1

Free consultation

Our learning team will reach out for a quick phone consult to get a sense of what you and your child need help with. We'll discuss your learning needs, what has worked well for you and what you're looking for. This helps us pair you up with the right teacher.

Step 2

Free trial/assessment session with an expert teacher

We'll then set you up for a free session with a vetted and expert qualified teacher who specialises in your child's year level and learning needs. It will give your child a chance to see if the teacher and their style is the right fit, and a chance for the teacher to figure out the best learning plan for your child. No strings attached.

Step 3

Post session follow-up

Once complete, we'll follow up with you after the session to discuss the teacher's findings and how the session went for your child. We'll share their findings and assessment, and propose the custom lessons and formats they recommend for any gaps they identify in the student's learning.

Step 4

Get started learning

If you're happy with the teacher and the plan, we'll then finish off with a simple enrolment process. Our team will then be there to support your child's learning journey 24/7.

Contact Us

One of our expert learning advisors will contact you using the number provided. We’ll conduct a free consult to set-up an appropriate trial.

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