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Year 7 & 8 English Class with Deb!

This class is aimed at improving your performance in year 7 & 8 English.

Taught by
Ms Deborah Zhang
If any of these class details do not fit your situation please feel free to contact us to discuss, we're more than happy to try and accommodate your needs

Class Description

This term-long English class is a class aimed at exploring key fundamental areas in the Year 7 & 8 English curriculum.


My hands on and tailored approach will help you to refine your skills, develop best practice frameworks and strategies that you can implement to build your confidence in English, and set you up for further success in high school.


The program will focus on a few key areas:

  • Text Response Fundamentals
  • Reading & Writing Persuasive Texts
  • Creative Writing - Narratives & Poetry


By ensuring we cover a broad range of the English curriculum, you'll be able to build on fundamental skills and learning outcomes that will serve you as you transition into middle school and eventually VCE.


Why small group classes?

A few key reasons:

1. Part of what makes an education important is how students learn around their peers. Our goal is to make it about more than just building skills that work in isolation. Instead we try to deliver an environment in which they can pick up skills and confidence that easily translates back to school and beyond.

2. Learning and connecting with others is important to a kid's learning journey, with the social and communication skills able to aid them beyond the classroom.

4. Small classes allow us to apply a robust approach and deliver the best of the group experience whilst still giving each student the individual attention and support they need.

5. It's a more fun learning environment!

Of course sometimes 1 on 1 can be more effective in certain situations. If we believe that is the best pathway moving forward for your child, we'll recommend it. Our goal is to create the best learning experience for your child.

Do you have any other times/classes?

We're working on it!

We want to make sure these programs are available to as many as students as possible, while still ensuring that they meet our high quality standards.

If these times and locations don't work for you please reach out via the contact form and our enrolments team will contact you to understand your learning needs.

We're always building out new classes and will try our best to cater to your needs.

Will there be any discounts or trials?

Yes! We're super confident that you'll love our programs that the first lesson is on us.

It's a great chance for you to test the class out to see if it's the right fit. It also gives us a chance as teachers to diagnose and assess where the student is at, to formulate the best learning program for the student.

We also offer discounts for multiple class enrolments and referrals for other students.

Please reach out via the contact form and our enrolments team will be able to walk you through the additional benefits available.

We’ll set you up with a free trial on us. We’re that confident you’ll love my classes!
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