Mr Tim Xie

Year 7 to 9 English
“My aim is to help students unpack their fullest potential when it comes to English, to ensure that they have the right foundation and confidence heading into VCE.”
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Hi Parents & Students,

My name is Tim and I’m an experienced secondary trained and high school teacher at Waverley Christian College.

I currently specialise in running English classes across year levels 7 to 9.

With my in-depth knowledge, I will guide you through all the ins and outs, to help build the right foundation and skills. In my classes we'll work through the curriculum and core skills, as well as help you build effective learning strategies that work in school.

I prefer to focus on peer learning environments at this age, to ensure that students grow accustomed to the learning environment at school, and develop the right strategies and behaviours to carry back into the classroom.

I create tailored learning experiences for students at all levels. Whether you're looking to bridge your knowledge on certain topics or looking to enhance hone and optimise key skills, I will provide you with the necessary resources and support to optimize your performance.

Through-out the journey we'll ensure that you are equipped with the best personalised frameworks, structures and confidence to maximize your success in the subject!

For more information on my programs and to set-up a chat please explore my classes below and fill out the contact form.

About me

  1. 🎓 Secondary trained and qualified teacher
  2. 🏫 High school English teacher at Waverley Christian College
  3. 📚Taught 100+ students across various levels of high school English
  4. 😄 Fun & energetic approach with 5 star ratings from all my students this year!

About my classes and programs


1. Face to Face Year 7 - 9 English Classes

  • Location - Classes run out of Glen Waverley, Montrose or Online
  • Price of classes - $30 an hour
  • Session Length - 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the group & year level & area of focus
  • Students are specially grouped into programs of 6-8 students maximum


  1. 📚 Engaging and Fun English Classes: Offered for year 7 to 9 English, I help students catch up and excel at all levels of English
  2. 🎯 Curriculum-Designed & High-Quality Resources: Tailored to help students catch up and build strong foundations in the right areas. Gain access to top-notch frameworks, resources, and approaches.
  3. 😄 Fun & Personalised Experience: Classes are enjoyable, interactive, and adapted to individual needs.
  4. 🔄 Balanced Learning: Mix of theory, practice, discussions, and individual work, all while having fun and helping students develop a passion and independence for the subject.
  5. 📈 Goal-Oriented: Addressing students' learning needs and goals and using formative assessments to track progress

About the classes

These small intensive classes take a robust approach to ensuring students can catch up and thrive in English at school. They are tailored and personalised to the needs of the students, and I group students based on ability and key areas of development.

In my classes, students will focus on building on core gaps and knowledge of the curriculum, while developing learning strategies and communication/discussion skills that translate back to the school and classroom. Lessons are tailored and adjusted to ensure each students' needs are looked after, and that work and activities are suited to their strengths and weaknesses.

The lessons cover all areas of English including reading, writing and grammar. All lessons are curriculum aligned and the structure of classes contain an well rounded balance of activities, group discussion, individual work and formative assessments.

The lessons are highly interactive and engaging. English is a discussion based subject, and students need to know how to learn and apply their learning to a group setting, in order to thrive back in school. Most importantly I want to ensure students have fun while learning!

My Approach

I believe in a robust approach to learning that goes beyond just pure theory and rote learning content. Performance in English goes beyond just theory and text, it requires building the right skills and learning frameworks to succeed.

Measuring and assessing progress is incredibly important. I put a heavy emphasis on formative assessments to ensure that we have a clear picture of progress and to ensure the quality of learning is always improved.

I'm super receptive to feedback and will constantly adjust to ensure students are receptive to my teaching approach. My goal is to create a supportive environment to build a student's confidence and passion for learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Bridging key gaps and skills in line with the curriculum to improve their performance
  • Develop learning strategies that work for them in the classroom and beyond
  • Build confidence in the subject as well as in communicating and learning alongside their peers
  • Build the right foundation to thrive in the subject at school


I run sessions both online and in person to suit your needs. However, my preference is for in person sessions due to the interactivity and engagement of being face to face.

I currently run these classes in different time slots and locations, mainly on Monday & Thursday evenings. Please reach out now to learn more about how I can support your learning needs.

Please reach out via the contact form. Looking forward to seeing you in my classes!



"You are a genuine and sincere teacher who I am thankful to have. Thank you for taking up this initiative and seeking feedback from your students, it is a huge sign of your humility as not only a teacher, but also a person, and I love how you treat all your students with affection, concern and kindness. Thank you for also not being judgmental to us when it comes to our results, and always seeking to see the best in all of us, and also making improvements in your teaching style. It is a pleasure being in your class!"- Yr 10 Student

"It's a true blessing for us students to have you as a teacher. Your attitude, approaches, the effort you put in, is quite unbelievable. I look up to you for those qualities, and also your dedication to do everything for God. You don't just say it, like most people, but you actually do it. That in itself is incredibly honourable." - Yr 9 English Student

"I genuinely appreciate all the warmth, attention and help you've given me so far in this new environment and I honestly think you are at the top of my list for the best teachers in all my schooling years combined. Thank you."- Yr 8 English Student
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