Ms Holly Liu

Prep to Year 6 English
“A child’s education is always at the forefront of every parent’s worries. My goal is to make sure that every parent and child believes their education is in good hands”
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Hi Parents!

I understand how important early childhood learning can be to a kid's education and their development pathways.

I know how important it is to ensure students fall in love with learning English and nail the fundamentals. So my aim is to deliver the best learning experience for you and your child.

I help students develop a passion for learning and build on their key fundamentals. I specialise in working with both students who are behind in their learning needs and those who are looking excel and extend beyond.

The goal is to create and fun and engaging learning environments that allow the students to thrive and build their confidence and skills.

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About me

  1. 🎓 Primary trained teacher
  2. 🏫 Teaching experience across both private and public primary schools
  3. 👩‍🏫 Fun, relatable and supportive teaching style
  4. 📖 Experience at working with students of all backgrounds and needs

About my classes and programs


1. Online - Private Teaching English Classes - Prep to Year 6

  • Location - Online via Classin
  • Price of classes - $30 an hour
  • Session Length - 1 hour
  • Students are specially grouped into programs of 6-8 students maximum


  1. 📚 Engaging and Fun Online English Classes: Flexible, engaging and they help students build the right fundamentals
  2. 🎯 Curriculum-Designed: Tailored to help students catch up on all the key areas
  3. 😄 Fun & Personalised Experience: Classes are enjoyable, interactive, and adapted to individual needs.
  4. 🤝 Small & Ability-Based Groups: Ensuring lessons are personal, promoting discussions, and challenging peer-learning. Max 6-8 students.
  5. 🗣️ Oral & Discussion Skills Development: Preparing students to build confidence to thrive in the classroom and discussions with their peers.
  6. 🔄 Balanced Learning: Mix of theory, practice, discussions, and individual work, all while having fun.
  7. 📈 Goal-Oriented: Addressing students' needs and using formative assessments to track progress.


I currently offer small engaging and fun online classes for primary English across years 1 to 6.

These are curriculum designed classes that focus on all key areas of English including reading, comprehension and writing. Children are specially grouped based on their year level and learning needs.

Classes are a mix of theory, hands-on practice, discussion and individual work, to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the subject!

I've had a lot of experience teaching and tutoring hundreds of students and look forward to using that expertise to help your child.

I’d love for your student to come try my class! I’m confident they’ll enjoy the lesson and I’m confident I can help them achieve the learning outcomes they need.



My son's always excited to log into Miss Liu's lessons!” - D, Year 1 Student

We've been really happy with Miss Liu's approach to teaching. She has really helped our son develop his fundamentals in reading & comprehension” - S, Year 2 parent


It's super fun! I enjoy reading and writing with her every week!” - Year 2 student

Miss Liu is super cool and helps me a lot!” - Year 1 student

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