Learning Behaviour Matters (1 Min)

September 28, 2023
Why Your Child's Behaviour in Learning Counts

Ever received a call from the school regarding your child's behaviour? Perhaps they weren't paying attention or were being a tad disruptive? Research shows that such behaviours aren't isolated incidents. It's about something more deep-rooted: 'learning behaviour'.

What is Learning Behaviour?

Learning behaviour encompasses:

  • Simple actions like being punctual for class and listening actively.
  • Staying focused and refraining from distractions.
  • Cooperating with classmates during group activities.
  • Their overall sentiment towards education.

In a study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, consistent positive learning behaviours in students correlated strongly with better academic performance and improved relationships.

Why Does It Matter?
  1. Learning More: Kids with good habits understand lessons better. A study from the University of Cambridge found that these kids do better in tests.
  2. Making Friends: Good kids make friends easier. When kids act right, they are liked more by others.
  3. Feeling Proud: When kids do good things in school, they feel happy and want to try more things.
  4. Doing Well Later: Good habits now mean success later. The American Psychological Association says kids with good behaviours in school do well when they grow up.
How We Step In

At Acadamax, our teachers understand the challenges of poor learning behaviours and how to address them. Our classes are special. We don’t just focus on books and tests, and we don’t want to ignore these problems or shake them off.

As part of our classes we help children build good habits and behaviours. Our teachers are trained to spot problems early and help fix them. They work with each child, giving them the tools to act right, learn better, and feel good about school.

So, when you think about your child's future, think about us. With our classes and our dedicated teachers, we're here to guide them on a path to success.

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