How Social Skills & Confidence Help in School (1 Min)

August 16, 2023
How Social Skills and Confidence Help in School

Do you remember when your child shared a toy for the first time? Or when they talked in front of their class? These moments show their social skills and confidence. And guess what? These things help a lot in school!

Why are Social Skills and Confidence Good?
  • Teamwork: In school, kids often work together. Good social skills mean kids play and work well with others.
  • Asking Questions: When kids are confident, they ask questions if they don’t know something.
  • Dealing with Hard Stuff: School can be tricky sometimes. Being confident helps kids try again and not give up.
How Do These Skills Help in School?
  • Better Marks: Kids who get along with others usually do well in group work.
  • Fun in School: Having friends and being happy in school is important. It makes school fun!
  • Ready for Bigger Things: Being good with people and having confidence helps outside of school too.
What Do We Do About It?

At Acadamax, we care about more than just books. We want to help kids grow in every way and focus on their overall development including core skills like social skills and confidence.

We aim to achieve this by empowering our teachers to create the most ideal classroom environments, and create safe and interactive spaces to give each student the personalised attention and opportunities they need in this area.

Our parents get live and transparent feedback and insight, as we focus on creating confident and engaged learners who have fun learning.

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