Ms Isabelle Ho

Year 2 to Year 11 English
"Mastering English is an art craft, and my goal is to equip students with the right tools and foundation to succeed!"
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Hi Parents & Students,

My name is Izy and I’m an English teacher at Glen Waverley Christian College.

I'm super passionate about English and I love helping students build the right foundations and skills to succeed in the subject.

My belief is that everyone can succeed in the subject if they're provided with the right tools, practice, and learning environment.

My goal is to create that tailored environment around students, to help create confident and engaged English learners and writers who are set-up for success in high school and beyond. I've worked with both primary and secondary students, including those who are gifted/ have learning needs.

I am encouraging, pro-active and have a genuine desire to motivate and foster students’ growth.

You can learn more about me and my services with the additional information below!

About me

  1. 🎓 Experienced & fundamental approach to English
  2. 🏫 High school English teacher at Waverley Christian College (past experience with accelerated year 5 & 6 and primary levels)
  3. 👩 Taught across a range of high school & primary school year levels of English
  4. 📖 Experienced classroom teacher as well as private support teacher

About my classes and programs


1. Face to Face Year 2 - 12 English Classroom Based Programs

  • Location - Classes run out of Glen Waverley/Mount Waverley Area
  • Price of classes - $30 - $40 an hour
  • Session Length - 1 to 2 hours depending on the group & year level & area of focus
  • Students are specially grouped into programs of 6-8 students maximum

As part of my process I'll work with you to determine the best format for your learning needs. Please enquire via the contact form.


  1. 📚 Engaging and Fun English Classes: Offered for year 2 to year 11 English, I help students catch up and excel at all levels of English
  2. 🎯 Curriculum-Designed & High-Quality Resources: Tailored to help students catch up and build strong foundations in the right areas. Gain access to top-notch frameworks, resources, and approaches.
  3. 😄 Fun & Personalised Experience: Classes are enjoyable, interactive, and adapted to individual needs.
  4. 🔄 Balanced Learning: Mix of theory, practice, discussions, and individual work, all while having fun and helping students develop a passion and independence for the subject.
  5. 📈 Goal-Oriented: Addressing students' learning needs and goals and using formative assessments to track progress.


My approach to teaching focuses on ensuring that students are building the right foundations, skills and confidence to succeed. Practice makes perfect, and there is no truer statement when it comes to excelling at English in a high school setting.

I am encouraging, pro-active and have a genuine desire to motivate and foster students’ growth.

I am driven to create a safe learning environment in which students are able to build confidence, understanding and consolidation of learning in my lessons. I am adaptable and passionate about supporting a diverse range of learners by utilising resources and technology to support students learning.

I ensure that all my sessions are engaging and interactive, and I focus on using all my experience to ensure students feel confident and empowered to take on different frameworks and approaches to learning. Each program is a well-rounded mix of theory, hands-on practice, discussion and practice.

Differentiation is key, and my goal is to make sure all learning is tailored around the students and their needs. My classroom experience helps me identify key weaknesses and strengths of each student both from a theory lens but also with respect to the intangibles like confidence and learning strategies.

I'm confident in my ability to help students of all backgrounds excel in English, and would love the chance to see if I could help!



Izy has been incredibly meticulous in helping our son prepare and upskill in his English writing. He's now got the confidence and skills in place to really succeed. We feel like Steve's learning is in good hands with Izy.” - J, Year 10 parent


Ms Ho was an amazing teacher that cared for our learning and was just a really really good teacher.” - Yr 12 student

Ms Ho's warm and guiding support has really helped me enjoy English and thrive in the subject. ” - Yr 10 student

We’ll set you up with a free trial on us. We’re that confident you’ll love my classes!
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