Mr Luke Edwards

P to 10 English | P to 10 Social Learning
"My passion is inspiring young learners to unlock the most of their potential by creating a nurturing and fun learning environment"
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Hi Parents & Students,

My name is Luke. I’m a father of 3 young men, educator and community connector.

I'm an experienced and passionate English teacher, who specialises in helping students with Primary & High School English.

I bring a robust, personalised and holistic approach to create confident and engaged learners.

My goal is to help students unlock their most potential and to provide a strong role-model and guidance in the process.

Every student deserves the chance to succeed, and as an educator it's my mission to ensure that they get the best chance possible.

About me

  1. 🎓 English primary & high school teacher
  2. 🏫 Teaching experience across both schools and private tuition
  3. 👩 Supportive, nurturing approach to learning
  4. 📖 Experience at working with students of all backgrounds and needs

About my classes and programs


1. Face to Face P-10 English Classes

  • Location - East Side of Melbourne
  • Price of classes - $30 an hour
  • Session Length - 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the group & year level
  • Students are specially grouped into programs of 6-8 students maximum

2. Afterschool Learning Social Learning Programs - P-10

  • Location - East Side of Melbourne
  • Price of programs - $30 an hour
  • Session Length - 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the group & year level
  • Students are specially grouped into programs of 6-8 students maximum
  • Focusing on developing social skills, confidence, engagement and peer learning

3. Face to Face or Online 1 on 1 Support

  • Please enquire via the contact form and please note only for special circumstances


  1. 😄 Fun & Personalised Experience: Classes and programs are enjoyable, interactive, and adapted to individual needs.
  2. 🤝 Small & Ability-Based Groups: Ensuring lessons are personal, promoting discussions, and challenging peer-learning. Max 6-8 students.
  3. 🗣️ Well-rounded Skills Development: Emphasis on developing well-being, social skills & confidence whilst learning.
  4. 📈Goal-Oriented: Addressing students' needs and using formative assessments to track progress on key learning outcomes.
  5. 🚀 1-on-1 Formats Available: For special circumstances, after a recommended free trial session.


I currently offer small engaging and fun classes for English and Afterschool Learning Social Learning Programs across years P-10.

English Classes

I run small curriculum based classes in English to create confident learners that can thrive back in the English classroom at school. Groups are kept small and ability based so that lessons can still be personalised, whilst inviting discussion and challenging students to have fun learning alongside their peers.

The goal is to help them build confidence and engagement for learning English turning them into confident learners with strong foundations and skills that will serve them well in the classroom. Lessons are a well-rounded mix of theory, hands-on practice, discussion and individual work, to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the subject, whilst having a bit of fun!

The goal of my classes is to help students address their learning needs and achieve the outcomes they want, and I use formative assessments to ensure progress can be accurately measured.

I do also offer 1 on 1 formats for certain situations, but would strongly encourage that you do a free trial session first, so I can work with you to figure out what format would be best for you!

I’d love for your student to come try my class! I’m confident they’ll enjoy the lesson and I’m confident I can help them achieve the learning outcomes they need.

Afterschool Social Learning Programs

I run group based learning programs after-school to work on key outcomes around learning engagement, social behaviour and student well-being.

These play-based and holistic programs are designed to help tackle student disengagement and gaps that came from recent disruptions to schooling and early childhood development from issues like COVID.

These sessions are fun, anchored in learning, but also focus on some of the more holistic elements to ensure students are able to thrive back in and outside of school.



Luke brings a really engaging and warm hands on approach to our son's learning. We're excited to see how our child continues to grow under his wing.” - S, Year 7 parent


Mr Edwards lessons are super engaging and he challenges me to think outside the box!” - Year 8 student

His lessons really inspire me to learn!” - Year 8 student

We’ll set you up with a free trial on us. We’re that confident you’ll love my classes!
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